Robin Gracie

Son of the creator of the style, the legendary Helio Gracie, and brother of legends like Royce, Rickson, Royler, Relson, Rorion and Rolker; Robin Gracie is chosen to spread the “true” Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Europe.

Since 1998, the Gracie Academy in Barcelona has become a place of pilgrimage for the best wrestlers grappling and Jiu Jitsu Europe. People who practiced for years to come Jiu Jitsu students measured and Robin Gracie Team fighters, which leads to increase the level of everyday people who train here.


Located in a quiet area of Barcelona, many people take a few days off to train and go to the beach. The atmosphere at the Gracie Academy is full of camaraderie and respect, still common for students and visitors Robin end up dating party to see the city at night.


Contact Info

C/ Septimània, 29
08006 Barcelona

Telephone: +34 932 807 415