The origins of BJJ and Valetudo

Based on the old and forgotten Jiu Jitsu or Japanese jujutsu, young Helio Gracie (October 1, 1913, Belém (Brazil) – January 29, 2009) learned the style of his brother Charles, who learned it from a Japanese nobleman emigrated to Brazil, Maeda Koma. Although both originally learned the same style, the difference between Helio and Carlos lay in its different physique as Helio was much thinner and weaker and soon realized that I knew I could not beat an opponent stronger than and began to change the style. For years he was perfecting his style of Jiu Jitsu with dozens of fights against rivals from other styles such as boxing, capoeira, judo, wrestling, etc …., without losing a single match. Helio’s fame came to Japan, to the Japanese judo world champion Kimura, who accept Helio fight if he could beat his fellow judoka Kato.

Some say it was much better judoka Kato Kimura, although 30 kg. lighter and stronger than him. The fight occurred as wanted Kimura and Helio choked Kato although this project first. Seeing the result of combat Kimura accepted the fight and said that if Helio endured more than three minutes, I would consider the winner. Helio fought against the Japanese at the end, almost 40 kg. thinner and 20 years younger than him, the fight lasted about 15 minutes and finally got Kimura garami apply a wrench or American ude that kimura locked renamed in his honor from this day. Despite the victory Kimura praised Helio category and invited him to their academy professor of Tokyo, which Helio kindly refused and ended one of the most epic duels in the history of martial arts.

Years later Helio Vale Tudo lost one of his best students in more than 100 kg. Valdemar Santana, combat despite being almost 30 years older than Valdemar, Helio endured over 3h 40 min. combat without rules. Helium was avenged by his nephew Carlson weeks. In subsequent years, there have been many students Gracie or they who have continued to show the superiority of style.

In the 70 were Rolls and Carlson, Rorion and Relson in the 80s, but it was not until the 90s when the UFC showed the world the truths and lies of the martial art making each style in place, showing that the styles that ignored or ground fighting melee not only did not win but had not the slightest chance of winning a fight like sad not face another opponent of a similar style. Royce Gracie won three of the first four UFC, retiring other digestive problems, beating rivals Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn among others. But if there is a family member who has earned a reputation for invincibility is certainly Rickson Gracie, with more than four fights and Jiu Jitsu Vale Tudo sport undefeated.

Considered as the best, and only seventeen years Rolls, in top form, was the only family member who won. Rickson’s fame began to beat the unbeatable Zulu and has continued over the years to the current PRIDE. Today, all of Vale Tudo fighters aspire to fight him, because they know they will retire soon Rickson and everyone wants to beat him to be the best so far. Perhaps the most valued member of the family is Royler Gracie, the reason is no doubt that despite their meager 67 kg. Royler is considered the most technical fighter in the world. No wonder it was four-time World Jiu Jitsu Champion and three times greater World Grappling tournament in Abu Dhabi.