The Gracie or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an extremely effective fighting style, based on the use of the technique to the force, in order that a person of weak constitution can beat one of greater strength. This has been proven over decades of fighting without rules in Brazil, in which Helio Gracie, creator of the style, teachers fought Capoeira, Judo, wrestling, boxing, etc … and was modified Japanese Jiu Jitsu to create a style more focused completely different to the actual fighting. The Jiu Jitsu is a ground fighting style without restrictions, which gives a total superiority over any other fighting style once takes the fight to the ground, the most common in reality, since the number of techniques with which can be subjected to an adversary is huge.

There are other martial arts that work the soil too, like Judo, Wrestling or Sambo, but have some regulations prohibiting almost all submission techniques, bringing its ground fighting is impoverished and even loses realism and effectiveness. The many years that the family has proven Gracie Jiu-Jitsu against other styles, and their dizzying and explosive sport evolution, have led the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is considered the “best” martial art in the world. Masters and champions of other styles like Dan Inosanto (JKD), Chuck Norris (Karate), Ron Van Cliff (Kempo) have realized that without training Jiu Jitsu as fighting qualities were not as good as they thought.

Jiu Jitsu training is less violent than you can find as being a very technical ground fighting, the risk of injury barely exists. His practice is also a sport of high level competition, which provides the practitioner resilience, strength, companionship and capacity strategy. In the Gracie Academy can be seen fighting between advanced practitioners and beginners are equally fun and entertaining in both cases, since training is a time of great fun and adrenaline rush that satisfies equally to all practitioners regardless level.